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Visa: Via fee is $US 25-30. Foreigners cannot enter Vietnam without a visa. Tourist and business visas are usually granted at Vietnamese embassies and consulates abroad. Business travellers may apply for a visa through a Vietnamese sponsoring agency.

Arrival: Immigration and customs declaration forms must be completed on arrival. These are usually handed out on the plane before landing. The white and green arrival departure form is stamped on arrival at the immigration barriers in Tan Son Nhat or Noi Bai airports and must be kept with your passport. Hotels, guest houses and private hosts are required to register your presence with the local police. The white and yellow customs form requires visitors to declare quantities and makes of cameras, video and camcorders, tape recorders and all other electronic equipment being taken into the country. It is not necessary to declare those items which are strictly for personal use and will be taken out of the country. Jewellery not for personal use and foreign currency in excess of US$7,000 must also be declared. You should also declare any video tapes you are bringing in. Obviously, pornography and anti government literature, firearms and weapons are banned. The duty free allowances are 200 cigarettes, two litres of alcoholic drink, perfume and jewellery for personal use. Note that you cannot take antiques out of Vietnam without the approval of the Ministry of Culture and Information.

Airport Tax: Domestic flights: $US 1.50 - International Flights: $US 14 at Noi Bai Airport and $US 12 at Tan Son Nhat Airport - Children under 2 exempt

Currency: The Vietnamese currency, the dong (VND), comes in notes of 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, and 100,000 dong. One US dollar is currently worth about 16,350 VND (July 2007). US dollars are widely used, but official government policy is to limit this practice. Credit cards are widely accepted (VISA, MasterCard) at major stores and many places accept traveller checks. You can exchange at banks, hotels and post offices.

Phone Codes, Internet, E-mail: Country code: 84, HCM City: 84-8; Hanoi: 84-4 Internet stores are plenty in Vietnam and the rates are next to nothing. It is much more efficient to use Internet phone cards available at these stores to make international call from Vietnam.

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