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Vietnam Information - Country Introduction

Vietnam - An Introduction

Vietnam came into being about four thousand years ago marked by an era called Hong Bang. The Vietnamese people are proud of their long lasted civilization, and their determination of freeing themselves from foreign invaders.

Legend has it that Vietnamese people are to be descendants of an angel Au Co from Heaven and a dragon Lac Long Quan from the sea. These clans later divided into two tribes Lac Viet and Au Viet. The first dynasty included 18 Hung Kings whose reign lasted for centuries. Although Hung dynasty was noted only in legends, Vietnamese history books have not failed to mention this legendary era and March 10th (Lunar Calendar) has been remembered and celebrated by generations as the memorial day of the nation’s ancestors.

Hung dynasty was followed by Thuc An Duong King who named the country Au Lac. Thuc An Duong dynasty lasted only 50 years. Afterwards the country was under Chinese domination for the next 2 centuries.

Tale of Prince Trong Thuy and Princess My Chau

Keeping Chinese aggressors from the northern border has always been a formidable task facing every ruler in this small kingdom. To isolate the country from northern invaders, Thuc An Duong King moved the capital further south from Vinh Phu (northern midland) to a strategic place where would be near Hanoi today.

Legend has it that a mysteriously invincible weapon given by a sacred tortoise - an arbalest- helped Thuc An Duong King to defeat Chinese attackers. Unable to annex this tiny and rebellious nation, Trieu Da, King of the Chinese Empire, determined to discover Thuc (An Duong) King's secret. His scheme was to make peace and further alliance was extended by a marriage between Thuc King's daughter, princess My Chau, and his son, prince Trong Thuy.

Trong Thuy, an obedient son, manipulated his gullible wife to learn the military secret and then stole the arbalest for his father. With Thuc King's secret weapon in hand, Trieu Da attacked Au Lac again. Thuc King was inevitably defeated and fled the capital with his daughter My Chau.

The end of their ordeal was unfolded at the seashore when Thuc King discovered the scheme and felt betrayed by his own daughter. He killed My Chau and then drowned himself into the sea.

Trong Thuy returned to Au Lac after his father’s victory. He followed the goose's feathers scattered by My Chau on her way to escape with her father, only to find out that it was too late... Being so broken-hearted and beset with guilt, he took his own life. Au Lac was lost to the Chinese invaders.

Vietnam Introduction (Cont.)

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